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Series Introduction

Every year, I like to find a different way of celebrating my favorite day: my birthday. Since I am turning 32 next month (I know…awww…), I’ve decided to share 32 revelations I have had during the course of my life about everything from life in general to business. Think of it as daily inspiration for you and therapy for me. It is a challenge for me, because I don’t think I have ever published a post everyday in the entire existence of The Aristocracy of HR. Plus, I recognize that while I am fairly generous in sharing on social media and here, I have only just scraped the surface on sharing who I am when I’m not pontificating how HR and Business can do better. Let’s use the month of March to get to know one another better. I hope at the end of the month, you walk away with something you can use in your own life or business.

Day 21 of 31-  Taking Chances

I sincerely questioned doing this series. I was going back and forth with thoughts like: will my readers enjoy it or will I lose readership because it isn’t my usual HR commentary? I basically took a chance changing the tone of my blog for month and speaking about completely different topics. It is a chance I am happy I took.  My success in this instance ended up outweighing my fear of failure. More importantly, I did something that felt good and when you do things from your heart it typically resonates with people. It’s that whole act of being authentic.

How many more great things could we all be doing if we chose possibility over fear?

By and large, the leaps of faith I have taken that scared me to my core; have had the most rewarding and mind-blowing results. If we don’t let fear paralyze us and we put things out in the world that are true to who we are- there are endless possibilities for doing great things.

I have had some of the best conversations with people this month and it is all due to doing something I was scared to do.  If there is anything I have learned from this experience it  is to trust my gut and have faith that my ideas and efforts will flourish. Sometimes they will  and sometimes they won’t, but if I don’t at least try I have no way of knowing either way. I’m trying new things and stretching myself in ways that feel like an outer-body experience at times. The important thing is I am having fun and not letting fear rule my decisions.

I’m so thankful for everyone that has taken the ride along with me. See you tomorrow for the final post.

Czarina’s Lesson: When it comes down to fear and faith, choose faith.

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