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Blog Disclosure Statement

The Aristocracy of HR Blog Disclosure Statement 

The Aristocracy of HR is a labor of love for me. It will forever be the project that I was summoned to  do but never anticipated its impact.

When I started this blog as a member of Toolbox for HR back in  September 2011, I did it as a prompt to elaborate on my increasingly popular HR-related tweets on  Twitter. With no expectations of popularity, I wrote my first blog post and suddenly realized that  people actually cared about what I had to say. In any event, I haven’t stopped writing since. In fact, my  writing has increased immensely. With time and effort, I have grown this blog to a globally-recognized  and well sought-after platform for sharing Talent Management best practices and my perspectives on  everything HR, business, life and everything in between.  

This blog has afforded me many opportunities varying from being on social media teams to being  quoted in major publications. My first priority when it comes to “The Aristocracy of HR ” is to  provide real, relevant and useful information on best-in-class commentary and strategies for improving  both your business, life and HR acumen. There is no intention to ever charge readers for access to my  material.

However, writing can be laborious and to offset both my time and cost for publishing this  material, I may offer selected strategic partners the ability to both advertise and/or sponsor this blog.  Notice, I say “strategic partners” because I am extremely particular about who I align and do business  with. In addition to “The Aristocracy of HR ”, I contribute to and/or write for other blogs and  publications. Some of these opportunities are paid and some of them are not. My influence on these  blogs and publications are subject to the editorial parameters, guidelines, and practices of those  companies and as such, I may or may not be able to reproduce this material for “The Aristocracy of HR”.

January 2021, The Aristocracy of HR ™ 

For more on the blogs where I contribute and publications where I am quoted see the Talent Think  Innovations website or my media kit under “Press”.  

It is quite possible that I will participate in an affiliate program. These programs allow me to make some  money based on the traffic driven from this website. This income is negligible and not a sole source of  my income, but it is appreciated. Due to my influence, I will be offered samples or full-size products for  my review. I am not paid to give a glowing review for these products nor do these product companies  endorse my brand. If I don’t believe in a product, you will never hear about it.

However, if it is great and  it can also help you- I am happy to share it and may do so on this blog. I will not discount the possibility  of endorsing a product or company on this blog, but will state that it will be in full disclosure and done  with tact.  

Lastly, as I continue my journey as both a serial entrepreneur and speaker, it is likely that I may be paid  to speak, appear on panels and collaborate on other media-related fronts with strategic partners.  Payment for my services or participation may be offered in the form of my established honorarium fees, subsidized travel expenses, free registration, donations to my favorite charity or any other legal and reasonable remuneration as deemed applicable by the organization. Please know that I am out here  speaking and getting involved in events to shift the way practitioners and decision makers think about  their businesses, lives, and society. If this brings different levels of remuneration to me, I am thankful. 

However, my guiding force is and will always be to provide a fresh perspective on all things HR, technology, life, society and business.

In conclusion: I have developed a brand I am proud of and that I  am happy to continue to share with the world. I make an honest living doing what I love. I hope you  find the courage to do the same. Everything I have disclosed in this statement is factual and also subject  to change at my discretion. I promise to keep you updated as things evolve. Thanks for taking this  journey with me. Your readership and support of “The Aristocracy of HR ” and me has been greatly  appreciated.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

January 2021, The Aristocracy of HR ™ 

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