REBIRTHI am usually on fire by this time in the week wooing you, my aristocratic community with my HR musings.

Yet, this week I don’t feel like it and I didn’t much feel like it last week either. You see something wonderful has happened. I found out about two weeks ago that I am pregnant with my third child. Amidst, periods of nauseousness, extreme exhaustion, and just being occupied with my work- I find myself wanting alone time whether that is in real life or away from social media.

It’s an introspective time for me as it is the end of the year. In addition, more and more opportunities are presenting themselves. This all comes, as I consider my life as a woman entrepreneur/full-time employee and mother of three. Yikes!

I have often said that every time I gave birth to one of my children I was born again myself. I can’t explain it, but each have brought me immense blessings both personally and professionally and I always resurface with a brand new perspective.

My point in all of this is HR is great, social media is awesome, but right now I am counting my blessings, recounting this years accomplishments and missteps, planning for the future and taking care of this growing soul I’m carrying.

It’s called real life. You know, that thing that really truly matters when we aren’t talking about tweets, HR and all other secondary and tertiary matters.

I’m around and I will still be sprinkling you with my HR wisdom just maybe not as often. In order for me to dominate and accomplish my goals, I have to take the necessary time to nurture every facet of my life. For once, I’m accepting that sometimes there is a bigger plan at play and I accept it. I have to live my life and see where this journey is taking me. In short, I’m flippin excited!!!

What personal or professional realizations have you had this year?

Janine Truitt

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