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If you haven’t been bitten by the Periscope bug yet, let me coax you to join me this upcoming Thursday, 10/22 as I kick off my weekly Periscope show: “Ask Czarina Live”. This will be an opportunity for me to tackle topics both in the HR realm and some things that may be a little bit more mainstream. Either way, I’m looking forward to connecting with you (my readers) and others on a different level.

Ask Czarina Live

To date, I have braved my way through over 20 Periscope videos. I can assure you each have been recorded with the same spirit and heart as this blog. I’m not claiming to be a “guru”,”ninja”, or ” a professional who will teach you how to make a million dollars in one day”. What I can promise you is information and dialogue that is truthful and helpful.  Sound too simple? Then, this may not be the show for you. That’s all I have. I am willing to share what has helped me to be successful in various aspects of my life- in the hopes that it may help you as well.

Whether it is sharing my thoughts on keeping it together during crazed days of parenting  to the latest world of work headline, I will be spending 30 minutes with you every Thursday sharing my thoughts and taking your questions. There are so many topics and so little time to capture it all in blog posts. Sometimes you just want to chat with good people about ideas and things going on in your life in real-time.

If you like what you see here or even on The Aristocracy of HR You Tube Channel, you will enjoy this show.

Here’s an idea of the format:

1) 15 minutes of dialogue around my topic of choice.

2) 15 minutes Q&A on any topic you choose to probe me about.

 This week’s topic is: What Would It Take For An Employer To Keep You?

There was a recent article by Inc.com called: “Do These 8 Things and Your Employees Will Never Want to Leave“. It simply lists 8 actions that employers should take to retain their employees. It’s an interesting read and worth exploring on Periscope to see if any of it matters a lot or just a little. There are many valuable points in the article and yet there is at least one that makes me uncomfortable. We will explore why and I hope to hear your thoughts and rebuttals as well.

Join me on Thursday at 11pm EST/10pm CST/8pm PST for the first ever “Ask Czarina Live”. In addition to viewing it on Periscope, within the 24-hour window allotted, I will be posting the replays of “Ask Czarina Live” to “The Aristocracy of HR” You Tube Channel for those of you not ready to take the Periscope plunge.

It’s going to be fun, fresh, and insightful. I look forward to seeing you there.

Want more? Click here to watch the latest “Ask Czarina” episode. Subscribe to  “The Aristocracy of HR” You Tube Channel to be notified when new episodes are published.

Wrapping Up The Summer

Good Morning HR Aristocrats! Are you mourning the end of the summer like I am? We are on the heels of fall and I have lots of new content across all of my channels to share. This week, I decided to take a bit of a break here, but wanted you to know about new content I have elsewhere. If you’re looking for some good reads and wondering where the “CzarinaofHR” is- you can find me in these places:



Courtesy of Womeneur.com

Courtesy of Womeneur.com

Sink or Swim: 5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Work

Synopsis: The post is about knowing when it is time to delegate work or outsource some of it- so you can be a more effective entrepreneur. I regularly contribute at Womeneur. Please check them out for some great content from some of the top women professionals and entrepreneurs.

Just Haves.com

Courtesy of JustHaves,com

Courtesy of JustHaves,com

Who Runs the Business World? Women!

Synopsis: Did you know that women-owned business has grown 74% since 1997? Women are taking entrepreneurship by storm and I find it not only fascinating; but an enduring trend. Just Haves.com is a lifestyle blog founded by Justine Santaniello, Lifestyle and Trend Expert. Look for more from me on her blog this fall and check out her blog for more great content. Also, join Justine on Wednesday night at 8pm for her #JustHaves Twitter Chat. Great topics, Lots of fun.

Performance I Create

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Union Mentality: A Culture of Mediocrity

Synopsis: Where there is a union, there is often a culture of mediocrity. When you have employees with a sense of entitlement and management that is too fearful to ensure that union members play by the same rules as their non-union counterparts- it can be disastrous. If you’ve worked in a union environment and want a fresh perspective- take a peek.


Courtesy of BlackBizScope.com

Courtesy of BlackBizScope.com

Black Biz Scope

Synopsis: I will be featuring my business this evening on “Black Biz Scope”. What is #blackbizscope? It is a community that promotes and supports black-owned businesses. They do this by allowing black business owners to present their businesses during 5-10 minute slots on Periscope. To be introduced to some great businesses and owners, tune in every Friday from 10-11am EST and 6:00-7:45pm EST. I will be on tonight at 7:45 EST to present my business: Talent Think Innovations, LLC. If you are on Periscope, follow me at: @CzarinaofHR.

Ask Czarina

Ask Czarina

To round out my list of endeavors this week, I have a new Ask Czarina up on “The Aristocracy of HR” You Tube. Have you subscribed yet? If not, subscribe now to get regular updates on future “Ask Czarina” shows. You can find my latest here.

Summer is over…practically, but there’s lots to be excited about as we slip into colder weather. Thanks for reading and supporting me. I appreciate every eye that graces this page.

Here is one of my favorite summer songs and I quote it in my latest “Ask Czarina”. Have a great weekend!

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