Mic Check for 2014: The Duality of Me

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I think it fair to start off 2014 addressing what I am doing and what my continued purpose is for being socially visible.  In January of 2013, I started my own business called Talent Think Innovations, LLC. In addition, to having this new business I remain employed by Brookhaven National Laboratory. My move to start a business in lieu of working full-time was a goal and not something sparked by blogging or my involvement in social media.

Plain and simple, I knew after my last position in healthcare that my long-term goal and insurance plan for both my sanity and professional prowess was to be my own boss and call the shots.

So why am I still working full-time?

It’s quite simple, I have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and I still enjoy being a practitioner. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to quit a job where they are gainfully employed to go into business for themselves. I much rather keep myself afloat and gradually build my business for longevity and success.

I essentially get to have the best of both worlds by keeping my practitioner acumen sharp while expanding both my mind and capabilities through my business. It’s a win-win.

Who is Talent Think Innovations, LLC?

Talent Think Innovations, LLC is a Talent Management Consulting firm dedicated to helping start-ups as well as small to mid-size businesses focus on developing smart, innovative talent strategy, policies and cultures that value talent and put them first. This business is the heart and soul of everything I have preached on The Aristocracy of HR and beyond. It is about helping businesses operate in a way that makes sense and that focuses on talent-centric practices, programs and policies that truly favor the success of the workforce.

After working a few places and in HR, I have seen everything HR shouldn’t be about and how we not only undermine our value but also facilitate a diminished value of the business with poor practices from the perspective of both candidates and employees. I have long been known by co-workers and superiors as a change facilitator and initiator; always looking to improve or create something better. Unfortunately, my experience has also shown me that all of that enthusiasm, passion and knowledge can go but so far in an organization with the impact of politics, bureaucracy and ignorance.

I have decided that I want to work with the organizations that have made missteps and need help regaining inspiration and traction. This is my call to action.

What’s next?

They say you are not truly in business until you start making money and have clients. Well, I accomplished that prior to my one year anniversary. I am working with some fantastic people and even more important there is synergy between my philosophy and my partners.

You all know me best and first as the “CzarinaofHR” reigning over the popular Aristocracy of HR blog. It is finally on its own domain and also acting as the official blog for my company. It is only right that my two voices be unified on one platform. I will continue to blog my heart out as your “Czarina” as well as on my contributor platforms like Performance I Create, TLNT, and Achievers.

You can also find me on my new You Tube show “Ask Czarina” where I will make the blog experience a little more personal in 2014.

Lastly, in case you missed it, I am speaking now and so you shouldn’t be surprised to see me at select events or venues sharing what I know. 

Regarding social media, my theme for 2014 and beyond is to “engage with a purpose”. For my business, brand and network purposes I must remain active, but how active and how frequently will vary. There’s something called life and while the digital life is great, real life is even better.

In conclusion, my aim is to help people and businesses whether through the blog or my services. If I can help you or anyone you know don’t hesitate to reach out.

I look forward to walking this new journey of 2014 with you. Thank you for your continued support!

Janine Truitt
The Aristocracy of HR

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