Hi my name is Bonnie Ungaro. I am a certified human resources and recruitment professional. My love and passion for human resources began 8 years ago while working on my undergraduate degree. As a corporate recruiter I enjoy using a combination of traditional and social recruitment strategies to source top talent. I’m well versed in the areas of sourcing, screening and behavioral interviewing. I also enjoy learning new and innovative ways to connect with talent. I’m a true advocate for the candidate experience and an employer branding enthusiast! You can connect with me on Twitter @bonnieungaro:)

Rocking the Working Mom Role!

Here we are 2013 and we all know the realities regarding lack of total equality for women in the workplace. We know women still make about 30+% less per dollar than a man makes. We know a majority of boards are comprised of men. We know only a small percentage of CEOs for leading organizations are women. We could focus on the gloom and doom of the numbers but that’s not how women operate and that is not how we’ve been able to come so far. We actually use our realities as empowerment to push harder and faster for true equality!

Today’s “leading lady” has many different meanings. Women own the fronts in all aspects of their lives, personal, professional, spiritual and community. Today’s women take the reigns, speak up and do what is right for their careers and families without hesitation. We are inspired and motivated by the stories of successful businesswomen. We gain power in numbers, by connecting with other successful females across the workforce. We share our stories, our challenges and our successes to help each other thrive in this world.

However, with great success always comes a form of sacrifice. We are faced with these decisions every day; whether it be personal or professional sacrifice. What were once barriers are now just fun obstacles to overcome in this adventure race we call life. My obstacle was broached when I made the decision to work part time for family reasons. I would have preferred full time work from home for that perfect blend, but I’m happy with being granted this option for work-life balance. However, as time passed I realized the negative impact this decision would have on my career development and my ability to advance.

At first, I was feeling defeated and frustrated that my career would be on hold. I decided to redirect that negative energy into overcoming this obstacle. I’m challenging myself to grow professionally outside of the workplace by continuing my graduate program, completing certifications, joining community organizations that support young professional growth, growing my network and suggesting more projects at work. I’ve even begun a “mini” mentor program for myself. I am connecting with HR and Talent Acquisition industry leaders both nationally and locally, and specifically identifying other successful businesswomen. This direct knowledge will enable me to learn and grow quicker than the traditional workplace-mentoring program because I am utilizing as many avenues as possible to gain knowledge in a short timeframe.

In addition to pursuing growth outside of the workplace, I am taking a more aggressive approach at work by keeping the dialogue with my boss open and honest. Sharing my ideas, thoughts, and expectations for my career path. I’m bold at times, I’m not afraid to ask for more money, for a promotion or for clear career path plans; it’s the only control I have over my destiny. Why die saying “I wish I would have….” , I would rather day “I glad I asked for….”.

All of my efforts and connections are aiding my development, with the hopes that once I’m ready for full time, in the office employment, that I’ll have enough experience and knowledge to advance immediately or quicker than if I had not taken such an aggressive external approach.

Today’s leading ladies are not only rocking the workplace, but we are rocking our home lives and giving back to our communities in significant ways. We see every opportunity in life and work as an opportunity to grow, learn and lead! The meld of motherhood and work is still a great challenge but one worth taking on. In the grand scheme of life, while the professional development feels good nothing beats the time with our families. Our families, our children create the memories that fill our hearts with pure joy, and our lives with the most meaningful happiness. Today’s businesswoman can have it all. We are overcoming hurdles everyday and gaining momentum and power with each and every move. Its not easy but we do it because we ROCK!

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