This weekend was pure bliss as it was all about rest, relaxation and rejuvenation for me. Part of my rejuvenation, was due to my scheduled facial I enjoyed with my esthetician, Sybil. Every visit is a treat where I walk away less stressed, glowing and with some beauty goodies. My goodies this time around was the most recent issues of: The Beauty Authority: New Beauty Magazine.


Excited for my two latest issues, I went home Saturday to quietly indulge in the latest and greatest in beauty products and services. Along the way, was an emphasis on invasive facial plastic surgery procedures and what they do for all of us imperfect beings.


Did you know that…


According to the Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), rhinoplasty (the nose job) is the most popular facial plastic surgery procedure for the past three years. The reason for this popularity among both women and men is said to be because the nose is the “most prominent feature on the face”. It is the first thing a person sees when they look at another person. The procedure is cited as making a huge difference in a person’s apperance. When done well it can create a more balanced, symmetrical and harmonious appearance.


Good plastic surgeons state that there isn’t one nose for everyone it is all decided on a case-by case basis. The aim being that the final product blends in seamlessly with all of the other features of the face. The nose like any other facial feature should never attract too much attention. All things should be harmonious- collaborative even.


What if…


HR followed the strategy of all good facial plastic surgeons and particularly those specializing in rhinoplasty. Isn’t it our aim to make a huge difference in the business? It should be clear by now that there isn’t such a thing as a one-size-fits-all HR function. Sure, there are laws and regulations that we must abide by- trends that we should tune into-but much of what we do should and can be tailored to the business depending on the context and/or circumstances that are specific to that company.


Our best work and contribution is when we are able to make a difference by using a balanced and symmetrical approach. We are most successful when we aim to balance our practical knowledge of the HR discipline with our knowledge of people to create outcomes that are advantageous for the business.


HR should be the most prominent feature in a company because they are more often than not the first attribute of the company a new hire sees. However, we have to question whether our prominence is detracting from the business or attracting. This is an important question, because like the rhinoplasty- perfection is in the balance, symmetry and harmony of our practices. The nose that is overly boastful or prominent is one that is detracting from the rest of the face. Conversely, if a nose is too small to suit a face it is equally prominent as it is out of sync with the rest of the features. Upon first glance you can immediately tell something is wrong in both of these instances.


From this, our lesson is- HR can make an impact in the business, but in all our endeavors we should seek to create harmony in the business not unnecessary disruption. This means policies and processes that live in the realm of context and not theory. Policies that look for the balanced approach not ones heavily leaning or aligning with one side or another. They are ones that seek to satisfy all pertinent parties ( to the extent possible). It means listening to your internal customers and trying to create a symmetry between what you require and what they need to accomplish.


I leave you with this, if your nose (HR function) is asymmetrical, is unable to properly function or is grossly crooked you may want to perform an HR Rhinoplasty to restore balanced and symmetrical prominence to your organization. It may very well give your organization a new and improved appearance.

Janine Truitt


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