“Freedome VPN” Friday Challenge

Campaign/FTC disclosure: I will receive compensation for promoting this campaign. I only work with companies I feel have great products, services and offerings. In accordance with my blog disclosure statement, I will only work with and showcase products and/or companies I believe my readers will benefit from. Freedome VPN has hired me as a brand ambassador for this campaign because of my influence on social media and knowledge of cybersecurity concerns. I am not formally employed by Freedome VPN. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Image Courtesy of Freedome VPN

Image Courtesy of Freedome VPN


Happy Freedome VPN Friday! As you know, I am a technology geek. I love sharing great technology products with you all-knowing that it could help you. If you worry about online privacy and are tired of using traditional malware and adware platforms- you will enjoy Freedome VPN. The beauty of Freedome VPN is it is an easy-to-use online security platform. It is by far the easiest platform I have used to date for  protecting my online privacy. Not only is it a great product, but they are being generous by allowing me to offer one of  my lucky readers a chance to win an iPad Mini 16GB, one free year of Freedome VPN for all of your devices.

How can you win?

To win an iPad Mini 16GB Wifi and a one year free trial of Freedome VPN; you will have to do the following:  

1) Follow @FreedomeVPN on Twitter.

2) Tag both @FreeedomeVPN and @CzarinaofHR in the following Tweet the following “I just entered @CzarinaofHR’s Friday Challenge to win an iPad mini & one free year of @FreedomeVPN http://bit.ly/1yudOR7 #privacyisnogame.”

3) Bonus Entry: Follow @fsecureglobal on Instagram. Repost one of my Freedome VPN Instagram posts on the @CzarinaofHR page ; tag @fsecureglobal and me in the post .

The contest will run from Friday, February 13th until Friday, February 20th.The winner will be announced on Monday, February 23rd on Twitter and on Instagram. Sorry, but this is open to US residents only.  Entrants can only have a max of two entries for the contest.

I hope you like the product as much as I do. Good luck on winning the iPad and online privacy for one year!


“I am Revolutionizing HR” HUNITE – In Work, In Life, In The Moment




We are a company that believes trusting and supporting the power of individuals will lead to greater things in the workplace. After more than a decade of building HR portals, we realized it was time to revolutionize the way we work, because the reality is that traditional methods are simply not meeting the needs of today’s changing workforce.

Consider the thoughts of a worker: “My work influences who I am and what becomes of me, not only as a worker but as a person. So anything that supports me in being more connected at work and more effective in life is something for me”.

The workers of today are self-taught digital managers. Outside of our working hours, we are used to having all the information we want at our fingertips through apps on our mobile devices. It doesn’t have to be different at work. People also want to be connected and trusted to contribute, without being constantly monitored. Self-service combined with intranet tried to capture this, but is cumbersome for employees, particularly for remote employees without access to computers or email. Adoption is a problem, particularly in a generationally changing workforce where millennial’s represent a growing majority of the work population.

But how do you capture this as an employer? How do you relate to this and support your own goals–and theirs– in a cohesive and non-invasive way? The answer is trust. Trust both frees and motivates.

Trust is a backbone of relationships in work and life. It is often perceived to be granted from the employer to the employee through social collaboration tools, which however are generally attached to strict guidelines or monitoring policies. Employees in turn often view these limitations as undermining the purity of that trust. Facebook or WhatsApp are popular tools among dynamic workforces, but the enterprise cannot really utilize these platforms effectively. Corporate social tools implemented and monitored from the top down are all too often unsuccessful. Workers fear exposing themselves. At best, they use them cautiously; at worst they reject them wholesale. It is a key aspect of why many HR practitioners do not get the results that they would like out of intranet and collaboration initiatives currently.

Hunite sees itself as a connecter within the “black box” of any enterprise, especially among dynamic workforces. By actually entrusting them to a tool that promotes self-organization and growth, employees can become better at what they do and can be recognized within their teams or self-made networks. Employers can positively influence this disconnected realm where there is little reach or control. The key, though, is respecting the balance between control and trust for everyone involved.

Our mission: to access the potential of workers within enterprises for the good of all. By adopting this tool, that mission can be fulfilled for both individual and enterprise. Individual workers can effectively support themselves not only in work, but also in life, while enterprises can reach out to connected workers with meaningful information in a non-invasive way.

Free from fear, workers can begin to learn—and love—an unencumbered and self-organizing way of life, while employers and HR practitioners reap the benefits of increased employee contribution, motivation, efficiency & success.

Hunite will play an important–and revolutionary–role in transforming and building competitive workforces to drive revenue. Help your people be connected in work and more effective in life!

Author Biography

Kym Lukins works as an Industry Specialist at Hunite. He investigates the needs of workers in dynamic workforces. Previous work in customer focused industries such as hospitality and retail along with study in international HR management has spurred an interest in engagement and connectivity of workers on an international level. He is a firm believer that mobile will play a huge role in improving not only the ability for people to communicate in work and life, but also the chance to balance it in a more effective and cohesive manner. 


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