Hey Everyone! I’m hosting a webinar courtesy of ERE.net and Jobvite on recruiter branding. You’re probably saying what is “recruiter branding”? For those of you that read my tweets and articles you have probably noticed that I like to make up my own terms and/or create new hybrid buzz words.


Recruiter branding is simply the identity that a recruiter creates in an effort to build a presence, gain credibility, and present a value proposition to the candidates and/or clients they work with.


It is abundantly clear that the “post and pray” and/or job board days have met its maker. It is also clear that recruiters can no longer hide behind the employment brand and rely on that to help them get their jobs done. The age of social media is upon us. Candidates are getting savvy. They will see a job posting and try to find out who the recruiter is behind the job before they research the company for tidbits about how they do business.That means that the recruiter’s brand not the employment brand could affect the candidate’s decision to submit an application to your company.


As such, your online identity and brand as a recruiter becomes extremely important to both your success and the success of the business.


If you are losing your way in this recruitment space or you want to improve by adding some new methods to your toolbox- this is a webinar you won’t want to miss.


Who’s better than you? You just got a snapshot of what I will be covering in the webinar. Want more…see the learning objectives for the webinar below and join meon Wednesday, 10/17 at 2pm.


In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is a “recruiter brand”?
  • Why is having a “recruiter brand” important?
  • What does it mean to build a “consistent and transparent brand”?
  • How various social media outlets can facilitate recruiter branding


Oh and I am counting on all of you to chat this up on Twitter and the back channel the day of the webinar via TweetChat, SeeSawMe or any other social media platform you utilize. The hashtag is #SoMerecruit. I look forward to speaking with you all virtually.


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