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After an impromtu week off due to my little one being sick and then me falling on my face, I thought it was only fitting that I return gangbuster style with a major media outlet interview.


I am honored and pleased to share my recent interview with US News Careers columnist, Miriam Salpeter called:

5 Things Employers Don’t Want You to Know About Salary and Benefits

There are so many things I wish I had known eight years ago and even more recently three years ago when I was a jobseeker. Working an HR desk for over eight years, you become savvy to the tricks and sentiments around offer negotiations-particularly the salary portion of that.


In this interview, I am showing the “hand” of the employer in an effort to educate jobseekers on all the things we consider when making salary offers. In addition, I provide insights into ways you can detect whether or not you are receiving the benefit package of a lifetime or a dud.


I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. It gives me great pleasure to discuss the least sexy topics in the HR spectrum of salary and benefits. Who knew salary and benefits could be so salacious?




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