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I am excited to preview the upcoming #truNewYork event coming to New York this Saturday, May 18th. This will be the first time I am attending the event and clearly I’m ambitious because I will be leading a track as well.

The #tru unconferences are the result of Bill Boorman’s creativity and non-conformist style in collaboration with Aki Kakko from Joberate. Just recently, Craig Fisher has joined forces with both Bill and Aki to form a new company that combines #tru unconferences and Craig’s successful #TalentNet Live Conferences.

The essence of these unconferences is they get people at a venue in cities around the globe to discuss topics like: social recruiting, employer branding, passive talent acquisition, HR Tech in by using a group discussion format. There are no powerpoint presentations, no exhibition halls, no scripts, no dress code just networking, discussions and well coffee breaks and drinks. Each topic is moderated by a track leader who lays the foundation for the conversation and engages the track attendees.

#Tru events are a refreshing change from the usual structured conference. It’s about connecting people and having real discussions around the hot topics in HR. Cool right?

My track is called ‘Social HR Minimalism’. Here’s a snippet of the concept and what attendees can expect on Saturday:

The concept of ‘Social HR Minimalism’ is based on the fact that we have long known that most HR and business people have cited that “time” is a major reason for not participating in social media. I have often heard people say ” Janine, how do you do it? Who has the time to invest in this?” I’m way too busy.” The truth is people are indeed busy with work responsibilities and social media seems like another thing to add to their to-do list. My track will help people look at what they are spending time on and provide a simple methodology for getting engaged in social media where it doesn’t greatly impede other responsibilities.

‘Social HR Minimalism’ is my way of helping HR practitioners to understand the reasons their business should be on social media, why there is always time to learn, and how they can get on the social media bandwagon with little time and resources spent doing it.

I was one of those HR types that had “no time” or “interest” in social media. I really was busy and if someone would have told me 3-4 years ago that I would be as invested as I currently am- I would tell them they were crazy. It can be done.

If you think my topic of ‘Social HR Minimalism’ is interesting, consider joining us on Saturday from 9am-6pm at the Stack Exchange offices. There will be many more innovative and interesting tracks with some fantastic HR thought leaders. There’s still time to register, click here for more details. For those of you already attending, the hashtag for my track is #SocHRMini.

I hope to see you there!

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