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SHRM National Conference 2013 is fast approaching and I must say, I am excited.

As a member of this year’s social media team, I am fortunate to have an opportunity to cover this fantastic conference and contribute to the very important cause of ‘No Kid Hungry’.

On Sunday, June 16th, several social media personalities/HR professionals including myself will be playing a game of kickball to raise money for ‘No Kid Hungry’. I’m probably crazy for joining the team since I have not played kickball in easily twenty years. However, I am praying in advance for no injuries and lots of fun.

Am I crazy for doing this?

Not really, but I am crazy about my children and children in general. I also think it is absolutely crazy that 1 in 5 children in this country will go hungry this year. That is a ridiculous statistic for a country with our wealth.

I can’t fix all of our childhood hunger issues but I can support, advocate, and take action to ensure that I assist those that can fix it and that is ‘No Kid Hungry’.

I am asking you the “The Aristocracy of HR” community to assist me in abolishing child hunger with a small donation for this cause.

No donation is too small and all are appreciated. Click here to make a secure donation via my personal fundraising page.

If you will be at SHRM in two weeks, come to Grant Park, Field #1 from 7pm-8pm to see me and other social media personalities duke it out for hunger! It’s going to be a riot!

Also, be on the lookout for the tweet-a-thon on June 11th. Dovetail Software will be donating $1 every time someone tweets with the hashtag #SHRMKickball and@Dovetail and a link to our game webpage is mentionedClick here for the official game page.

Let’s make a difference for all of the children in the U.S. We focus so much on the future of our children. Let’s first make a better present for them by making sure no child in this country ever goes without food.

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