31 Days, 32 Revelations: 32 Fun Facts About Me


Series Introduction

Every year, I like to find a different way of celebrating my favorite day: my birthday. Since I am turning 32 next month (I know…awww…), I’ve decided to share 32 revelations I have had during the course of my life about everything from life in general to business. Think of it as daily inspiration for you and therapy for me. It is a challenge for me, because I don’t think I have ever published a post everyday in the entire existence of The Aristocracy of HR. Plus, I recognize that while I am fairly generous in sharing on social media and here, I have only just scraped the surface on sharing who I am when I’m not pontificating how HR and Business can do better. Let’s use the month of March to get to know one another better. I hope at the end of the month, you walk away with something you can use in your own life or business.

Day 20 of 31-  32 Fun Facts About Me

I can’t thank you all enough for reading, commenting and following this series. I was a little hesitant about switching gears, but I must say I am happy I did. The outpouring of support has been tremendous.

The day that has made this all possible has arrived. I am happy to announce that my 32nd birthday is today. Woohoo! I love celebrating my birthday. I started my day with reflection and giving thanks to the big man upstairs for another year of life.

In honor of my birthday, I am sharing 32 fun facts that you probably don’t know about me. I hope you enjoy them.

Here you go…

1) I am a Hofstra University Alumni.

2) When I started college, I was a Biochemistry Major with a minor in Spanish.

3) I initially planned  to major in Biochemistry because I wanted to become a Forensic Pathologist.

4) In high school, I was in my school’s Intel Program. My project was: The Mutagenesis of Poliovirus and Picornavirus

5) My first job was working as a waitress for a catering hall in a Jewish Temple.

6) I was part of Macy’s TapMania – it was an event that got 5,600 tap enthusiasts of all ages together in an effort to break the Guiness Book of Records for largest tap dancing event.

7) I played the Alto Saxophone in junior high school and high school. I was in both the marching band and jazz band.

8) I really wanted to play the Soprano Saxophone, because my idol, Kenny G played it- but had to settle for the Alto because that’s all the school had.

9) I read in two languages other than English- Spanish and Portuguese. I can speak Spanish and am emerging in Portuguese.

10) I am of Guyanese and Trinidadian descent.

11) I have a West-Indian accent, but it only comes out when I’m around other West- Indians.

12) When I was younger, I used to steal my mom’s black eyeliner to draw on a beauty mark, so I could look like Cindy Crawford.

13) My favorite colors are: teal and hot pink.

14) I love rollercoasters and any thrill rides. I will scream like a baby, but there is no keeping me away from thrill rides,

15)  I’m a Walking Dead fan.

16) My favorite cartoons growing up were: Jem, Looney Tunes, Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales and the Smurfs.

17) I am a trained belly dancer. I was part of a troupe called Fem Fire for three years.

18) I was once on a daytime show called: Living It Up With Ali and Jack. I was one of the models during their teeth whitening segment.

19) I’m a Cooking Channel fanatic. If I am left to my devices on the weekend, I can watch it all day.

20) Speaking of cooking, I love to cook and bake. It’s a labor of love and my happy place. Check out my chops on Instagram.

21) I am the eldest of two kids in my family. I have a younger brother.

22) My favorite sport is: football.

23) I am a diehard NY Giants fan.

24) I played Tennis in high school.

25) My favorite movie is: The Sweetest Thing

26) I was a tomboy growing up. From hopping in creeks to playing crash dummies on bikes, it wasn’t all about dolls and dress-up for me.

27) I love expressing myself through fashion and makeup. It makes me feel great.

28)  I was born in Queens, NY.

29) My favorite genre of music is: Soca

30) I have been known to fall asleep standing up.

31) I was probed to start blogging based on my tweets.

32) I love Philosophy and believe in my previous life I sat on a rock extolling the virtues of life and other phenomenon. My favorite philosophers are: Rene Descartes, Kant and Socrates.

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about me. Share a fun fact about yourself in the comments. Now for a musical outro with 50 Cent. 


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