Cybersecurity is a Business and Personal Imperative

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Image courtesy of F-Secure

Image courtesy of F-Secure

As HR professionals, we are responsible for handling sensitive information all day. From new employees’ social security numbers to legal documents-we are entrusted with the identities of our people daily. In business, we are increasingly relying on technology to house sensitive information; but are we doing everything in our power to ensure the security of our employees information? Those of us that have worked in government or government-related companies understand that the best defense against potential cyber threats is the individual. Training your employees to identify and prevent potential exposure to threats provides a formidable first-line of defense to hacking, phishing and other cyber annoyances. Which begs the question-what are the secondary and tertiary lines of cyber defense?

After working remotely for sometime now, there are always company concerns about the security of my own devices. In fact, I have signed waivers in the past stating that the devices I used would utilize an anti-virus and malware program to prevent privacy threats- among other safeguards. I was also provided a virtual private network also known as a  VPN”, so I could work securely from any of my devices. With a demand for BYOD flexibility on our heels, how do we allow flexibility in how work gets done, while ensuring that our systems and proprietary information are secure? It requires robust technology as well as the collective of diligent individuals.

I have been using Freedome VPN for just about three weeks now. I’m not sure my online behavior would meet muster based on the case I am trying to make for iron-clad cybersecurity practices. For one, I regularly used open WiFi networks without using a VPN that could protect my information. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), most WiFi providers strongly suggest the use of VPNs’ to encrypt your data when using open connections in their terms and conditions. Oops! I never thought about using a VPN for personal use. It never occurred to me that it was necessary. I’ve always used it in business and saw it as the company’s way of allowing a safe bridge to company information. The need for protection on my desktop and laptop was evident, but I was neglecting the one device I spend the most time on- my smartphone. Double oops! I suspect I’m not the only one that has been slightly negligent and maybe greedy for a strong WiFi connection -such that I potentially compromised my privacy.

Shockingly, within the first day of using Freedome VPN, I had over 100 tracking attempts on my phone (seen in the screenshot below). On my laptop, I have had 14,218 tracking attempts blocked to date.

I had 154 tracking attempts within the first day of using Freedome VPN.

It is evident that whether you are an individual,  SMB or Enterprise company, you need to invest in technology like Freedome VPN. It’s easy to download whether using a desktop,  Android or Apple Device. Once it is downloaded, it is activated by touching the center circle labeled “connecting” (as pictured above) and you are protected. Working with other VPN’s, it has often been a struggle to log-on and connect consistently. Often times, it would take me several attempts to sign into my VPN successfully before I could begin my work. With Freedome VPN, it is on all of my devices and there is no downtime. This allows me to be productive on-the-go without the concern of being exposed to cyber threats.

Protection is as easy as touching any of the headings and swiping back and forth to turn your protection “on” or “off”



Everything we do is online. I have been the victim of identity theft twice in my life where my personal accounts were hacked. I have watched friends and colleagues who have had blogs and entire bodies of work hacked and destroyed. This is the reality of life lived both personally and professionally in the digital realm. Security is one of the most pressing concerns for both businesses and individuals today. It’s about time that we have simple online protection that works seamlessly with all of our devices without the hassle.

Freedome VPN has been incredibly generous with offering free trials of their product. As such, I am offering my readers a 90-day free trial so you can see for yourself how easy and powerful this product is. Go to: and use code: “qsf257“.

If you’re not yet convinced of how easy it is to steal your information when using open WiFi networks, check out the video below from F-Secure. It shows you that anyone can create a WiFi network in an effort to steal your information. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Privacy is not a game.






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