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The Aristocracy of HR Privacy Statement

We learn as we grow.

As a reader of “The Aristocracy of HR “and a valued member of my Aristocrat community, I need to set some guidelines for how we will conduct ourselves on the blog.

Think of these as “aristocratic expectations”.

Reader Information

I truly value each and every reader of this blog. That said, I am no dirty salesman or seller of identities so you will never have to worry about automatic optins to other lists I generate.

You can also be assured that I will not share or sell your name, email addresses, and twitter handles etc.

Inappropriate Comments

I am generally open to debate, but that stops with any comment that is inappropriate, racist, derogatoryor offensive. If you post anything that I deem inappropriate or offensiveit will be removed.

Being an aristocrat means you recognize, understand, and accept that there may be a difference opinion (which includes me) and this is all part of healthy dialogue.

All spam comments will be deleted.

Requests for expertise I love hearing from readers of the blog. I often receive questions about things I have written or requests for professional expertise.

I greatly appreciate that you all see me as a gotosource for your business, HR and wellnessrelated questions. What I will share is energy and time is a precious commodity and I have provided lots of free guidance on my blog and beyond for almost a decade.As such, I lovingly ask that you not ask me to review resumes or to give free consultations on your specific concerns or circumstances.I am requesting that you visit my company website Talent Think Innovations for a list of services and book a consultation for my professional expertise.

Press releases, pitches for coverage of products will be evaluated for validity and relevancy to my brand on a casebycase basis.

I will not write about your product unless I feel there is a synergy between the product and what I do.

I also will not work with your brand if my research on you illustrates that you aren’ta brand that is BIPOCfriendly. Expect that I may read the release if it aligns, but have no further expectation of being featured on this blog unless you are contacted.

I also will not respond to your inquiry unless it aligns with the work I am trying to do or at a minimum the outreach reads as though you have done ample research and put together thoughtful messaging.

For all mediarelated inquiries you may download my media kit on my website under “Pressor reachout to my publicist PPLA at

Use of my material

I put my all into my articles. That said, it is courteous and the right thing to do to contact me if you are interested in reproducing something I have written.

It is equally reasonable to give me a shout out when you quote me or something I have written.

There’s nothing worse than robbing someone of their product for your gain.

I generally accept requests to reproduce my material, but only when formally requested and when I deem the source or platform to be credible.

You may formally request to reproduce my material by contacting my team at

Contacting me If you need to contact me, you can do so through my company website here.


Please note that these guidelines are subject to change. I will keep you advised of any changes or additions.

Thank you from the bottom of my little “Czarinaheart for all of your support and readership.

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