In case you didn’t know from the title today it is the one year blog anniversary for “The Aristocracy of HR”. I am astonished by how the time flew- I guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun. I am in a state of reflection over my journey to this point.

Let me start off by telling you all that this blogging thing was never my style. I saw blogs before last year and I said to myself “who the hell has time for this crap”. I certainly didn’t. It didn’t matter and although I have been revered for years by colleagues, friends and family for having the gift of excellent oral and written skills- I thought who really cares what I think.

Then September of 2011 came and someone from Toolbox from HR reached out to say they liked my tweets and I should consider blogging. I had to ponder on this prospect for awhile (with my conscience telling me I was crazy) but in the end I never back down from a challenge. As such, “The Aristocracy of HR” was born and my penname the “CzarinaofHR” was too. My first article was on HR Technology hence my Futurism of HR Technology series. My first article To Automate or Not Automate… That is the Question debuted and it was a hit; not celeb status but people took a liking to it. Suddenly, I realized there was something to this blogging thing.

I took a moment to think about who this CzarinaofHR was. Did she need to be an alter ego, was she going to be an animated character, or is she me in my finest form? After sometime and a few more successful articles. I realized it is much like the lyrics from Never Change off of Jay-Z’s The BluePrint album: ” I never change this Jay every day.” I’d like to think of it as “I never change I’m just J everyday”

The “CzarinaofHR” is no facade, no fictional character she is everything that I am as a person in business and in life. She and Janine Truitt are one in the same. I am an HR professional who loves HR and its contribution to the world of work and I also loathe it for not practicing what it preaches; we’re getting there, but I digress. It’s a fine line between love and hate my love affair with HR. What I share through this blog is HR and business as I know it.

Beyond the vanity of sharing my stories, I am moved by all of the people that I have connected with (virtually and IRL) via this blog and social media. I have learned so much and been made to feel sane in knowing that I am not alone in the everyday struggles we face as HR practitioners and as everyday people. There have been some hecklers along the way, but I appreciate them too, because they challenge me, my thinking and hold me accountable for what I am saying.

This year has been transformational in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I saw what worked and what didn’t and received many blessings along the way.

Here’s to one solid year of blogging… Enough talk…now let’s party!


I wanted to share the “Never Change” song from Jay-Z but couldn’t find a clean version, so I’m sharing “Change Clothes” which has nothing to do with the theme; but something to know is I love fashion and music and the video says it all. Plus, it’s my blog birthday so I can do what I want! : )

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