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The Aristocracy of HR

“Solutions at the intersection of work, life and technology”

The Aristocracy of HR (TAOHR) is a HR blog that was created in September of 2011 at the suggestion of someone at Toolbox.com who enjoyed Janine’s tweets about all things HR. The Aristocracy of HR has since grown into a globally-recognized platform that discusses Talent Management triumphs, blunders, and best practices.

TAOHR and Janine have been named by XpertHR UK as one of the global HR voices of 2013. The Starr Conspiracy and HR Blogger Network has also named Janine one of the top 40 under 40 HR thought leaders/bloggers.

The blog provides the “look and feel” of a true Aristocratic HR society or as her motto says ” HR otherwise would be uncivilized”. Managing people comes with complexities. The Aristocracy of HR provides weekly relevant and thought provoking commentary on all things HR to help leaders and employees improve their craft.

Like Talent Think Innovations, LLC, TAOHR puts talent first , provides smart commentary on the world of work and focuses on injecting innovative ideas into the HR space.

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